The Krudco. Online Skateshop Team

All of the members of our Krudco. Skateshop team are skaters ourselves, so we know what they are offering up in the online skate shop.  We know our brands, boards, and skateboard parts.

Shop online, visit our shop or call us at 585-325-4790 for more info from any of our knowledgeable team members.


Cameron Yager

Krudco. Skateshop - Skateboard Parts Rochester, NY

 Feeble Grind. Photo: Alan Presutti 

Connor Moore

Krudco. Skateshop - Reissued Skateboards Rochester, NY

 Texas Plant. Photo: Alan Presutti

Max Brown

Krudco. Skateshop - Skateboard Trucks And Wheels Rochester, NY

Ollie to board slide. Photo: Fursy

Kevin Wilard

Krudco. Skateshop - Online Skateshop

Ollie. Photo: Adam. Zarowny

 Back Nose Blunt. Photo: Adam Zarowny


Scarlett Markham

 Layback Powerslide. Photo Nate Sengillo


Steve Custozzo

Matt Porr

Ian Byers

Anthony Redden

Front Nose Grind. Photo: Adam Zarowny

Half-Cab Flip. Photo. Adam Zarowny

Wallie. Photo: Adam Zarowny

Bri Fedele