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The Leader Among Skateboard Shops Online in Rochester, NY

For skaters, by skaters.

It’s that simple. There are no tricks or gimmicks or suits hiding in the shadows pulling strings like a corporate puppet master. Since 1994 Krudco. has been serving skaters around Rochester, NY, and elsewhere through our online store. We provide the highest quality equipment and accessories to our loyal customers and new friends.


With more than two decades in the business, we’ve seen trends come and go as technology has moved steadily onward. Among skateboard shops online in Rochester, NY, we’ve kept pace and always made sure our merchandise met the needs of skaters of all skill levels and ages.


Embracing the Skater


Skateboarding is a sport and a recreational activity, but it’s much more than that, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle which embraces individuality and freedom and that means choice.


We aim to offer the broadest choices to our fellow skaters. Start with a deck and let your imagination run wild. Whether you’re looking for a board from 5BORONYC or Toy Machine, and every maker in between, we’ve got you covered.


Of course, that’s just the start, but our longboard online shop is sure to provide all the parts and accessories you are going to need to trick out your deck.

Picture the skateboard you have always dreamed of, now picture that very same skateboard in your hands just before dropping into a half-pipe. Looks pretty sweet, doesn’t it? So why just think about it? Do it. Start with a deck you desire and go from there with trucks, wheels, bushing, bearings, and grip tape to build your dream machine. Hardware and tools? We’ve got you covered.


The Odds and Ends


Even when you’re not on your board, you’re still a skater. Coolness can’t be limited to just your skateboard, it must be reflected in your appearance too. There are many ways to show your allegiance to the sport and our online skateboard shop. How about a Krudco. deck or T-shirt, sticker, or hat?


Keeping in touch with the scene with video or magazines or looking rad in a pair of shorts-- it’s here waiting for you.


Contact us and we’ll get you rolling on a sweet new board. We proudly serve skaters everywhere online from our location in Rochester, NY.