Skater Owned and Operated

The Krudco. Story

Aaron Costa, Krudco. Owner

So you want to know how Krudco. came to be? Ok, well I can't remember the exact day or even the exact year for that matter , but it was around '92 or '93 . The KRUDS came first.

One day Ron Beutera and I were out skating and we started talking about gangs and how the Crips and Bloods had a truce. Well one thing lead to another and we got into this big discussion about gangs joining together for a common cause, and became super gangs like the Blips or Cruds. Then Ron looked at me and was just like, "Shit dude we should call ouselves the KRUDS"," hell yeah! I said, it'll be fun." And after that our crew became the KRUDS.

We were a bunch of skateboarders havin' and makin' fun of society and its "rules" (remember we're skateboarders) . The OG KRUDS were, myself (Aaron), Ron B., Kurt S., Arden Z., Paul M,. Kerry B., Rachel D., and a few others were initiated into the family, but for the most part that was the OG crew. 

aaron costa krudco

Well off to college,(MCC) fall '93. Design class project,business card and logo for an imaginary business, mmmm,how about a skateboard shop?(mind you opening a store wasn't even in my mind yet.) . . .

So in class we had to design/create a logo and company for the logo. Well as you know class projects take time, and in that time i meet a few really good people that i still see today. Al Beman (of the al beman band) and John Twentyfive. just given a shout out... so any way, i came up with a name that was a derivative of our crew. KRUDco. SKATES it only made sense to have a skateshop shop that was owned and run by you and your crew, so why not use Kruds in the title? my teacher kept asking me "why is the co. lower case?", "why dose it have the period on the end?" "because that's how i want it to be." i don't know why but she had a hard time with my answers to her question. oh'well. i passed the class and had a idea in my head for skateshop owned and run by skaters... it was the beginning.

I opened the first Krudco. in an office above my dad's store (Tire Associates) at 209 N. Clinton Ave. on July 13th 1994... The shop was super small, it only had room for around 5 or 6 people at one time. We stayed in that shop for around 1 and 1/2 years... The hours were very limited so I had a pager and packed my Volkswagen rabbit with decks and did deliveries to people, I met the Boys from Brockport that way... Thomas Brodesser,Corey Vance and Danny Coleman. I also met Greg Lang and DanO. at this time and the Webster Heads, those were good times up in that place. thanks everyone who help us out so we could have our first demo at Sink Hole (Consolidated) and hosted our first contest... Thanks go out to My Dad and all the guys that worked at Tire Associates, Ben White, Travis Duke, Greg Lang, Dan O., The Webster Heads, Jim Young, Tumyeto, Consolidated, Natalie V., Elizabeth, Jen Fowler and all the heads at MCC... The Chili boys, and more people than I could possibly remember... THANK YOU!!

Then we moved.... with the help of Ben White,Travis Duke, Jamie and Jon Wolf, we found and set up the 83 Howell st. store in one week. Arden Zollweg and Alan Presutti help me move all the product into the new place. That was around 1996. After a landlord issue arrose in 2015 we chose to move locations to 371 Park Ave.