Hypatia Send It! Salve 200
Hypatia Send It! Salve 200
$ 34.99

Hypatia Send It! Salve 200

Hypatia’s all new Send It! Salve is our greatest accomplishment to date. It comes loaded with essential oils, organic aromatics, and 200mg of our exceptional full-spectrum, solventless hemp extract.

Originally concocted for Adam's grandma, Hypatia's Send It! Salve boosts his recipe with 200mg of our CBD-rich hemp extract. Born in 1932, Grandma Bev is a survivor of two spine injuries, decades of arthritis, and 10 kids! If it's good enough for her, it's good enough for you!

Grandma Bev is an inspiration to us because … well … she’s a bad ass. She represents the perfect balance between a fighter’s nature and a loving, kind, and caring spirit. Our new Send It! Salve is our best effort to put Grandma Bev into a bottle. Its ingredients fight for you to help combat muscle & joint pain, and its blend of soothing aromatics & essential oils help unburden you of tension and stress.

ZERO psychoactive effects.

Use daily for best results.

Don’t forget to #SENDIT!